Here’s How to Dress like these Top-Notch Celebrities on Instagram

selena gomez yellow blouse

Celebrity outfits, they just look like what we want to buy!

It’s no secret that social media has taken over our world by storm. Even if you’re not a social media enthusiast, you’ve still probably heard of familiar words like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

The awesome part about social media is that it’s not only us peasants who use it. Top-notch celebrities make use of these services as well. Okay yes — they might have a class of their own on these social networks but I, for one, am pretty happy I can follow my idols with a few tap of my phone.

While we can all have our own separate opinions about which platform is the best, Instagram definitely takes home the prize when it comes to sharing photos. Some of the biggest celebrities have amassed an army of dedicated followers on Instagram and have, without a doubt, become trend setters when it comes to fashion.

There’s one little problem though – we can’t always figure out what they’re wearing that make them look so bombshell amazing and even if we do, we can’t always afford it.

But hey, no problem – I’ve gone an extra mile for you guys and researched some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry (not Instagram models) and their latest styles on Instagram. I understand you might not get the exact same article as your favorite celebrity but the fashion industry is swamped with great brands that can help you wear something strikingly similar (or even better)!

So what are you waiting for? Scroll down below and check some of these fashionistas out now:


‘I got a fetish for your love…’ – a fetish for your gorgeous outfit, more like!

Selena has been slaying our lives since – well – the time of Barney and Friends. Her dresses are always on point and leave us wondering how she manages to pull every look like a queen.

Her latest Instagram photos promoting her new single ‘Fetish’ tell a similar story. Check it out:

Selena Gomez on Instagram

Fun fact: Gomez is the most followed user on Instagram with over 123 MILLION followers.

Here’s another shot of her in a different dress but the same lemon yellow hues:

Unfortunately, Selena hasn’t shared her secrets as to where we can buy her puffed-sleeve mini-ruffles, embroidered dress from, nor has she revealed where the cap-sleeved dress and trainers are from. No worries, Selena. We might not be able to pull off the exact same look as you but here are some similar pieces that can definitely help us reach your standard to some extent:

Plain Bowknot Mermaid Nifty Round Neck Bodycon Dress

Plain Delightful Round Neck Skater Dress

Surplice Asymmetric Hem Plain Chiffon Maxi Dress

Lace Crochet Bell Sleeve Chiffon Blouse

Off The Shoulder Bowknot Ruffled Dress

Yellow Sleeveless Crew Neck Organza Solid Dress



This Victoria’s Secret and Tommy Hilfiger model has been wowing us with her style for years now. Recently, Gigi and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik and brother, Anwar Hadid wore some gender-bender suits for Vogue. Although the idea behind the photo-shoot received a lot of criticism and backlash worldwide, we can’t really deny those suits by Gucci had class. Take a look yourself:

Let’s not forget the funky dress shirts Hadid is wearing. Odd? Maybe. Unique? Definitely.

If you’re a loyal Gigi fan, here are some similar suits I recommend checking out. They’re obviously not exactly like the Gucci suits Gigi has on but they make a solid impression anyway. (Oh, and they’re not controversial).





I think we’re all allowed to become screaming fan-girls of Cara Delevigne. This Victoria’s Secret model not only has some of the best pair of eyebrows I’ve ever seen, but she’s definitely one of the trend setters when it comes to fashion as well. Her latest Instagram photo shows her off in a black leather jacket by Giorgio Armani and is fronting the Armani Exchange Fall Campaign.


Simple, sweet and a whole lot classy – this Armani leather jacket definitely looks sexy on our Cara. I particularly like the zipper on the sleeves.

Now you could either choose to wait till the jacket by Armani Exchange becomes available to the public or you could shop for this similar looking, top-quality jacket instead:





There’s a reason why our favorite celebrities become trendsetters – they dress good. Just because you’re not in Hollywood doesn’t mean you can’t dress equally well. With a little dose of inspiration from our idols and a little online research, you and I can wear the coolest trends in the market too.


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